Our Purpose


To provide helicopter aerial law enforcement support for the greater Springfield area.

Help fight crime by partnering with the community to support a Community Air Patrol unit. This non-profit organization will support local law enforcement agencies by providing aerial support for police operations.

C.A.P. will use a helicopter to patrol over our community and respond to assist police or other public safety departments in the performance of their duties.

By having such a program in our community we will be helping to reduce crime and assist in quickly locating violent suspects. Other communities having air patrols have seen almost a 10% reduction in crime.

C.A.P. will also be an invaluable tool in locating and safely returning lost or abducted children in our community. Air units have also been successful in detecting and reporting intoxicated drivers.

C.A.P. will primarily patrol the Springfield, Greene County and Christian County area, but we will not turn down other agencies if our services are needed and funds are available.

C.A.P. will initially consist of one helicopter, pilot, and Police Technical Observer. It will be available on a limited bases, but as the funds and support grows, we hope to expand this program to provide full time assistance.

However, this program can not get off the ground without your support of the community. Your tax deductible donation to C.A.P. will help fund flight time, training, and equipment needed to get this program in the air.